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Adelaide Carpool is for anybody who wants to share their drive, whether that is for:

  • a regular drive to and from work or study, or
  • (coming soon), a regular or stand-alone event in their community, such as a community event, a sporting fixture, a work conference or similar.

It’s free to join and it only takes a few minutes to sign up. From there, the website will match you with other members who are travelling the same way at similar times of day.

The process is easy:

  1. Click on Join and complete the Registration form, including details of your regular journeys
  2. Search for others making similar journeys and, when you find someone who matches your travel needs, request a link up with them through the webpage
  3. You can communicate with the other person anonymously through the webpage before you agree to carpool together by accepting their link up request
  4. Meet up with your carpool partner – follow our suggested steps on our FAQ page
  5. Start carpooling and enjoying the benefits!

Why Carpool?

  • Save money on petrol – once you’ve signed up, the member profile page will show you how much your commute journey costs (based on current average prices). Share these costs and save!
  • If you work where there are parking costs associated, share these costs and save!
  • If you work at a workplace that provides priority carpark spaces for Adelaide Carpool members, you get exclusive access to a carpark reserved especially for you when you carpool! And, even if your workplace doesn’t provide priority spaces, you will still reduce the parking pressures at your worksite
  • If you work in the Adelaide CBD, you can access priority parking spaces for members on the first level of the UPark on Rundle.
  • Reduce the amount of traffic on the road – which eases up the commute for everybody!
  • Reduce the wear and tear on your car and tyres
  • Reduce your environmental impact.

Remember, successful carpooling arrangements are based on communication and flexibility – if you can’t carpool five days a week, that needn’t be an issue! The most successful carpool arrangements see the members talk about when they can and can’t carpool – but remember, every shared drive saves you money!

Want to see how the program works first? Easy! Click on Test  Drive to see:

  • how you register
  • how the system suggests suitable carpool matches for you to review and
  • how you link up and begin carpooling.

We also strongly encourage workplaces to sign on to the program as a participating workplace. It’s free for workplaces to join and it means that we can offer better security for members by verifying individual memberships of the program. Plus, workplaces that want to actively encourage their employees to carpool to work can install priority parking spaces for carpooling members – ask us how.

If you have any questions relating to the program, please email us at .

This program is an initiative of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, who acknowledge the support of the Adelaide City Council in its establishment and ongoing delivery.

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Government of South Australia Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

Share your journeys!  Save money on petrol and wear and tear on your car!